This is one of the more interesting things I’ve been able to blog about — and brag about — when it comes to my friend and fellow author John Floyd. Remember his short story “Molly’s Plan,” which we included in Dreamland in 2016? It was first published in The Strand Magazine in 2014 and later selected by James Patterson for inclusion in The Best American Mystery Stories. 
Now it has been chosen by the New York Public Library to be a part of their permanent digital collection, which means it will be available through the library’s SimplyE mobile reading app ( When commuters log in to the subway wi-fi network they’ll be directed to a library website with various collections of fiction and nonfiction — similar to a Netflix queue. As busy as the NYC subway system stays, that makes for tremendous exposure for “Molly’s Plan.”
The cover art that NYC subway riders will see. Tell your Big Apple-area friends!

Can’t wait for 2018 … we’ll have three new titles, including my latest Oakdale series novel, 40 Days. Taking place in forty days of real time during the season of Lent and culminating on Easter Sunday, this novel has a faith-based feel and even a supernatural flavor that my previous Oakdale thrillers didn’t have. But it’s Oakdale — same crazy people living there, lots of old money, skeletons in everyone’s closets, and a whole slew of people up in each other’s business. (Sounds like home, doesn’t it?) We’ll launch 40 Days at Lemuria in Jackson, Mississippi, on Wednesday, March 7. And 2018 will also feature great new books from John Floyd and Valerie Winn.  

As of today, exactly 103 days away!

John was recently at Square Books in Oxford, Mississippi, to conduct a unique interview with New York Times bestselling author Denise Kiernan about her latest book, The Last Castle (an epic story of the Biltmore House, the nation’s largest home). John is a big fan of Denise’s work, and the conversational session had the audience gathered for Denise’s reading absolutely riveted!
Taking a Selfie on The Square!
Susan Cushman, meanwhile, has visited states all over the southeastern USA in recent weeks and has made many new friends at independent bookstores and literary conferences. She has even Skyped with several book clubs across the country who’ve ordered Cherry Bomb.  
Isn’t technology amazing!
Awesome in-store marketing by our friends at Page and Palette in Fairhope, Alabama!

John will visit Books A Million of Meridian, MS, tomorrow (Saturday) beginning at noon. And that begins a fast and furious month for the Dogwood Press authors — for the complete schedule of our signings, please visit 

And if you have an upcoming business trip or vacation and need a few items to read — and prefer NOT to have to carry an armload of books — we have you covered! Here are the Dogwood Press titles available for download through Amazon Kindle:

JOHN M. FLOYD – Dreamland
JOHN M. FLOYD – Fifty Mysteries
JOHN M. FLOYD – Deception
JOHN M. FLOYD – Clockwork
RANDY PIERCE – The Peter Bay
RANDY PIERCE – Pain Unforgiven
RANDY PIERCE – Magnolia Mud
JOE LEE – Director’s Cut
JOE LEE – Last Chance Texaco
JOE LEE – The Long Road Home
JOE LEE – The Magnolia Triangle
VALERIE WINN – Forsaking Mimosa
JOHN LEE – The Legend of Roger (perfect for the middle-schooler in your life!)

That’s all the news that fits! Thanks so much for your support, and come say hello at a book event!

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