Yes, that Edgar, as in Edgar Allan Poe … John Floyd has been nominated for an Edgar by the Mystery Writers of America in the Best Short Fiction category for “200 Feet,” a story that appeared in The Strand Magazine in 2014. Who’s he up against for this most prestigious of literary awards? Try Gillian Flynn, author of the novel Gone Girl, not to mention Dennis Lehane and Michael Connolly, among others. We’ll let you know when the winners will be announced. Fingers are crossed!

John signing Fifty Mysteries at Lemuria back in October. Response to this book has been very good!

Randy Pierce has been hard at work to promote Magnolia Mud since its release last April, and we have good news: Randy’s next novel, The Peter Bay, will be published by Dogwood Press in early 2016. If you enjoyed Randy’s first book, Pain Unforgiven, you’ll be glad to know that The Peter Bay is a sequel!

It won’t be too long before Magnolia Mud shares space with The Peter Bay on Randy’s signing tables!

One of my favorite road trips when I have a new book is the Floyd Robinson Memorial Library in Raleigh, Mississippi … but I wasn’t so sure anyone would show because of the horrendous weather at what’s always an evening event. So I was delighted at the nice group we had the other night. We’re counting on good weather when I speak to the Yarn Spinners Book Club at the Choctaw County Public Library in Ackerman on Tuesday, February 3 at 10 a.m. That should be great fun: the members have read Director’s Cut and have prepared questions for the author. I hope I remember who wrote the book!

A nice group in Raleigh that braved the rain. Not pictured: our umbrellas

If you didn’t catch the very nice feature on John Floyd in the Clarion Ledger earlier this month, find it in the newspaper’s archives from the Sunday book page on January 4. And meet John in person this Saturday (January 31) at The Magic of Books Conference, which will take place at the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson.

Visit www.dogwoodpress.com for information about all Dogwood Press titles, most of which are available for download via Amazon Kindle. If you don’t have Fifty Mysteries, Director’s Cut, Magnolia Mud, or Valerie Winn’s Forsaking Mimosa, power up your Kindle, hit the download button, and start reading in a minute or less! Thanks for your time, and have a great day!

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