Cradle In The Oak


Set in the early twentieth century on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Cradle in the Oakopens with protagonist and young mom Carrie Burns waking up to discover that her husband left in the middle of the night with the kids and the babysitter. Making it her life’s work to find her beloved sons, Carrie lands a job and reinvents herself as a resourceful businesswoman in order to save enough money to travel and sleuth. There’s action, suspense, and romance in a novel that’s deeply submerged in Coast life circa 1910–Candy puts you right there as Carrie Burns learns the shrimp industry from top to bottom as well as what it takes to sail competitively.

“From the inspiration of a 1906 newspaper clipping, Wheeler has created an historic novel that can be enjoyed not only for the intriguing and suspenseful escapades of its main character, but also for the historical research that underpins it.”
The Clarion Ledger (Jackson, MS)
“A suspenseful read…as well as a heroine in Carrie Burns that you will never forget.”
Mississippi Magazine