The Dance Between


Beth Brinkmann isn’t a little girl anymore, but not quite a young woman. Raised in a good home by loving parents in a comfortable little southern town where everyone knows everyone else, she realizes she has a good life. But there are growing pains. Some are small, like trying to adapt to waves of new kids at a different junior high. Others are deeply moving, such as watching the mother of a close friend suffer from Multiple Sclerosis.

Beth, however, has her father Max’s moxie. She overcomes her fear of dogs, finds the courage to serve as mascot of the Mimosa High School football team, and learns to make friends of all ages (including an unlikely one who encourages her budding talent as an artist). And as the bond between father and daughter deepens, Beth is even able to provide Max Brinkmann with some much-needed insight into the difficult relationship he continues to have with his own elderly father, Josef.

​Beautifully-written and heartfelt, The Dance Between is a welcome and poignant return to Mimosa, Mississippi, and a coming-of-age story that will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page. Sing along with Beth as she learns what true compassion is in the face of great difficulty, and dance with her on every step of her timeless journey.

“ . . . Winn brings comfortable, small-town charm to life for readers of all ages.”
Mississippi Magazine

“There are plenty of ‘laugh out loud’ moments as well as ‘grab a tissue’ times recounted in this heartfelt coming-of-age novel.”
—Susan O’Bryan, The Clarion Ledger

“The Dance Between recalls a time when neighbors and community allowed a life for children that was less guarded than today, but still bears the burdens of prejudice, bullying, and selfishness . . . a worthy sequel to Forsaking Mimosa.”
—Rev. Scott Lenoir, The Mississippi Episcopalian

“The simple joy of reading this novel led me to examine my own life’s adventures … I enjoyed the Brinkmann family, Mimosa, and the lessons that can be learned.”
—Bragg Moore, Mississippi Catholic

“… A superb follow-up to Forsaking Mimosa . . . a must-read for all generations.”
—Michael Hewes, author of Watermark

“ … moving sequel to her well-received first novel, Forsaking Mimosa …”
—L.L. Lee, author of The Sisters series