There’s lots to be excited about in 2024, beginning with a pair of outstanding novels coming soon from a pair of Mississippi Gulf Coast writers. Author Scott Lenoir’s electrifying debut, The Amendment, introduces Blake Weaver, a most complicated protagonist with a big heart and a fervent desire to protect the people he cares about. When there’s a score to settle (and there’s a big one in The Amendment), Blake will tap right into his law enforcement background to take care of business. 

Coming in August 2024

Candace Cox Wheeler’s Sunset in the Sound might be the best volume of her trilogy, and that’s saying something after the bar was set so high with Cradle in the Oak and Squall in the Gulf. Like the first two, Sunset takes place in the author’s beloved hometown of Biloxi, and this time it’s illegal gambling that drives a fast-paced plot that takes place in the early 1950s. Once again Candace does a masterful job of bringing forward cast members from her first two books, adding another level of interest to a truly fine work of Mississippi-based historical fiction. 

Coming in March 2024

I’ve had the honor of publishing short story ace John Floyd eight times in book form since 2006, and it’s great to see him continue to receive national recognition for his stellar work. Case in point: the 25th anniversary of The Strand Magazine has been released, and it not only includes one of John’s stories (along with a new story from bestseller Jeffrey Deaver and a recently discovered poem by the legendary Raymond Chandler), Andrew Gulli, editor-in-chief of The Strand Magazine, had this to say about John:

        “Every once in a while you’ll find a writer whose style, stories, prose, and plots fit perfectly

        with your editorial vision. For the past quarter century, John M. Floyd has been just that

        writer–our 25th anniversary issue features the 26th story by the author who we consider 

        our Arthur Conan Doyle. His stories over the years were nominated for several awards

        and graced many anthologies. And on this Christmas Day, we’re thankful to have such a

        star contributor.”

Available NOW wherever magazines are sold!

As I’ve said before in this space, a good book is timeless, and Valerie Winn’s 2010 debut, Forsaking Mimosa, continues to reach new readers every day. Or, in this case, two readers! These ladies from Alabama (yes, they’re twins) appear to have similar tastes in books as well as attire.

By the way, the colorful bottles are also Valerie’s creations!

Speaking of a good book being timeless, the delightfully-named Overbooked Book Club of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, made a road trip to Biloxi’s Maritime and Seafood Industry Museum to discuss Cradle in the Oak with the author. What’s better than discovering the first book of a trilogy or series and learning that there are other books by that author?

You ladies are all invited back in April when Candace signs Sunset in the Sound!

In case you haven’t heard our Mississippi Book Festival has been moved from August to September for 2024. It won’t exactly be winter in these parts by then, but we’ll hope it’s at least a little cooler than the inferno-like conditions we endured during last year’s event. Put September 14, 2024 on your calendar and plan on joining us! 

It’ll be here before you know it!

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