Here’s your very first look at the cover of the soon-to-be-released Candace Cox Wheeler novel, Sunset in the Sound. Isn’t it lovely? 

The pic was taken by Holly Cox, Candace’s sister and an excellent photographer whose great work has adorned all three of Candace’s book covers. The novel itself is really good and serves as a strong wrap-up to the trilogy. Set in the early 1950’s in Candace’s now-familiar backdrop of Biloxi, Mississippi, Sunset in the Sound brings forth another generation of fascinating offspring from the family tree that began with the romance between Carrie Burns and David Tauzin in Cradle in the Oak. While the rumrunning plot at the end of the Roaring Twenties made Squall in the Gulf so compelling, the entrenched gambling in Biloxi by the early 1950s might make Sunset in the Sound the most electric of the three novels. A final note about the photo: it was taken at the end of the old Broadwater Marina. When you read the book (coming in April 2024), you’ll learn why that pier is important to the story.

I promise it will be worth the wait!

Three cheers for Monica Walton, whose Advent Reflections For This Day has sold over 2,000 copies and gotten the all-new Sunrise Press publishing imprint off to a great start! Churches all over Mississippi (as well as places of worship in Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, and Illinois) have purchased copies of this wonderful little interdenominational devotional for congregants and small groups, and lots of folks have bought from Mississippi bookstores like Lemuria, Pass Christian Books, The Book Mart & Cafe, Lorelei, and Impression Books. Monica and I are both very grateful.

The idea behind the book, as I’ve explained previously in this space, was to provide all the spiritual nourishment in a weekly Advent devotional as you would find in a daily Advent study. The feedback has been excellent, and Monica is busy right up until very close to Christmas with small groups that have invited her to be part of their Advent studies. 

Monica signing at Books Along the Teche in New Iberia, LA

In addition to the new Wheeler book, Dogwood Press will roll out Mississippi Gulf Coast author Scott Lenoir’s suspenseful debut, The Amendment, in 2024. You’ll really enjoy it, as there’s crime and suspense, romance, and a flawed, complex protagonist with a big heart who will not just drive this novel, but Scott’s next couple of books. The Amendment is set for the most part in south Mississippi and along the Gulf Coast, which will make it even more fun to read! Also on the way, at dates to be determined, are novels by J. Stephen Beam and Valerie Winn.

Coming next August to a bookstore near you!
J. Stephen Beam visiting with the ladies of the Bonfire Book Club. 
What a neat place for a book talk!
Valerie Winn meets the most fascinating people! 
Many are interested in her first novel, the timeless Forsaking Mimosa.

John Floyd continues to write quality short fiction at a mind-blogging rate of speed. Two places for you to visit: John’s own website, johnmfloyd.com, for a lengthy list of his latest published stories in a variety of national publications and sites, and John’s weekly Facebook blog, Sleuth Sayers. You’ll really enjoy the blog and learn something from each entry. As to the recent issue of Strand Magazine, sure, there’s a previously unreleased short story by Truman Capote, and that’s a big deal. But there’s also a great new short fiction offering by John Floyd. For me, that’s an even bigger deal! 

Pro tip: read John’s story first!

J. Stephen Beam’s The Death Letter remains a very hot item, and if you’re weary of battling crowds as you do your Christmas shopping, make it easy on yourself by ordering a signed copy or two from the Dogwood Press website, dogwoodpress.com. That book and many first edition signed copies can be in your hands in just 2-3 business days. 

Thanks so much for your support during 2023. See you soon!