Dead Air


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Beautiful young television anchor Shawn Forrest is found dead in her Jackson apartment, an apparent victim of foul play. Homicide detectives Jerome Washington and Tim McDaniel swiftly discover that although Shawn was adored on camera, she made her Channel Five colleagues miserable and was despised by them. Did one of them kill her? Or was it Shawn’s husband, who admits he stalked Shawn and had a key to her apartment, or was she murdered at all? Even the medical examiner isn’t sure.

As Washington and McDaniel pursue their leads, Channel Five reporter Carolyn Davis does her own digging inside the newsroom. She uncovers crucial evidence, then finds a knife jammed into the front door of her house. Terrified that she’s the next target, she confides in Washington and turns the investigation on its side. In the end, seven people are indicted by the ambitious district attorney, including murder charges filed against Shawn’s husband. The stage is set for a highly-anticipated trial which attracts the attention of the national press, but a stunning series of events leaves the case against the husband in pieces and many questions about Shawn’s death unanswered.

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