Magnolia Mud


Lee Jones, the popular Republican governor of Mississippi, figures to win re-election easily against Anna Scott, a populist Democrat and the state’s lieutenant governor. Both vow to run honorable campaigns and debate each other squarely on the issues that concern the people of their state.

But the mud begins flying when both sides hire outside political consultants to raise funds and do opposition research, and the lives of Jones and Scott really become complicated when their fourth-grade daughters become the best of friends.

As the sprint to Election Day takes place and the race is a toss-up, Jones and Scott are crisscrossing the state in hopes of landing undecided voters while launching vicious personal attacks against each other. In their quietest moments, they know they’ve betrayed their campaign promises, and in doing so they’ve strained their marriages. But the hard truth is that it would be political suicide not to continue the mudslinging.

Then tragedy strikes. It’s not only a sobering moment for the entire state of Mississippi, but a time that will bring out either the best or worst in two honestly good people who are vying for the top job in their home state—while living their lives in a fishbowl where every misstep is the lead story on the nightly news.

A classic Southern novel, Magnolia Mud is a page-turner filled with insight, humor, sadness, and a cast that will get under your skin and stay there. You’ll never forget Lee Jones, Anna Scott, and the people close to them…and you’ll never follow politics the same way again.

“Randy Pierce spins a tale of Mississippi political intrigue that hits close to home. Magnolia Mud is a redemptive morality tale with a surprising twist that reminds the reader of that which is truly important and sacred to all families.”
—David Baria, Mississippi House of Representatives

“Randy Pierce has drawn from a rich pantry of ingredients … Mississippi political lore, partisan animosities, childlike innocence, hard-boiled arrogance … folks who just love a good read won’t be disappointed.”
—Andy Taggart, co-author of Mississippi Fried Politics     

“Whether you love or hate Mississippi politics … Magnolia Mud is a terrific read.”
—J.C. Patterson, The Madison Herald

“If you follow politics, Magnolia Mud is an enjoyable page-turner … one of the greatest strengths of Pierce’s writing: it is believable.”
—Brian Perry, The Neshoba Democrat

“ … Pierce seamlessly weaves together the politics as well as the people …”
—Augusta Scattergood, Delta Magazine