Pain Unforgiven


Grant Hicks is a high-powered attorney in Atlanta, a man who left his native Greene County, Mississippi, two decades ago and seems to have it all.

But what he does not have is inner peace, thanks to the suicide of his father, Michael, which came on the heels of Michael Hicks betraying Brandon Smallwood — who was Grant’s best friend growing up. And when Elsie Smallwood looks Grant up out of the blue to tell him that her son is dying of cancer, Grant has a decision to make — does he turn his back on his hometown one more time, or does he offer aid and comfort to a dying man who was blackballed because of his sexual orientation?

When Grant reluctantly agrees to make a quick trip home, he unknowingly begins a personal journey that will change his life. In meeting a bi-vocational pastor, reconnecting with a retired sheriff, and being introduced to the woman of his dreams, Grant slowly realizes that before he can forgive his father and everyone else who failed him long ago, it is necessary to forgive himself.

​And in doing so, he goes a long way toward bringing a divided community together after decades of suspicion and hatred.