With this collection of thirty additional tales—short and long, lighthearted and gritty—master short story author John M. Floyd invites us once more to strap ourselves into a ride that entertains as well as enlightens. And, as his readers have come to expect, almost every story features two ingredients that Floyd admits he loves: nonstop suspense and a Hitchcock-like surprise ending.

But the best thing about these stories is their variety. They dish up something to satisfy devotees of every genre—mystery, adventure, humor, western, fantasy, romance, even science fiction. The settings take us from Alaska to England to Hawaii to the American West, and the characters include bank robbers, housemaids, time-travelers, stuntmen, police snipers, sorcerers, convenience-store clerks, gunfighters, young lovers, mad scientists, serial killers, bungling angels, and kindly monsters. There is even a continuation of the mystery “series” introduced in Rainbow’s End—eight more stories featuring bossy schoolteacher Angela Potts and her long-suffering former student Sheriff Chunky Jones.

So kick off your shoes, settle back into that easy chair, and prepare to be transported into a world of suspense and deception. These bite-sized stories are sure to thrill you and delight you—and keep you up long past midnight . . .

“Thirty tales, most very short, from various print and online publications reveal a consummate pro at work.
—Jon L. Breen, Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Midnight offers up thirty more reasons why John Floyd is the master of short suspense. Quick, fun and tipped with venom, Floyd’s potent parables would give Mr. Hitchcock a reason to chuckle.”
—J.C. Patterson, The Clarion Ledger

“If John Floyd were dead he would be known as one of the preeminent short story writers of the twenty-first century. Fortunately for us, he’s alive and his mind is still full of stories.”
—Nevada Barr, best-selling Mississippi author of the Anna Pigeon suspense novels

Midnight is a haunting collection of stories, each one with a surprise trick of light, a glittering twist at the end. Floyd is a master of the art of the short story. I highly recommend this collection.”
—Douglas Preston, best-selling author of The Monster of Florence and Blasphemy

“John Floyd has collected so many different types of stories here … the one thing they all have in common is a perfect storyteller’s touch. You read each one and you want to keep going.”
—Steve Hamilton, best-selling author of the Alex McKnight mysteries