Resting Place


Set in 1984 and a prequel to Joe Lee’s long-running Oakdale suspense series, Resting Place introduces young Billy Joe Stone, a hard-charging sheriff’s deputy who vows to clean up what he understood from now-missing incumbent sheriff Robert Glass is a vast web of corruption. But does Billy Joe know too much for his own good? Are the people close to him already in danger? A fast-paced, atmospheric tale of greed, power, loss, and redemption, Resting Place is full of heroes and villains who will stay with you long after you’ve turned the final page. You’ll almost be able to smell the cheeseburgers cooking at Big Larry’s hamburger stand, and the pot roast at the Oakdale Café is to die for. But in a town loaded with old money, skeletons in most every closet, and people all up in each other’s business, no secret is ever safe.