One of the most rewarding aspects of my book trips is seeing friends I haven’t been around in ages. It was great to visit with Karen Powell, a radio colleague from my long-haired beatnik Casey Kasem-wannabe days of 1982-1983, when I visited the Bryan Public Library in West Point last week. Karen, who lost her eyesight in recent years, spends a lot of time these days advocating on behalf of the blind through several charitable organizations to raise funds and awareness. She showed great patience while trying to teach me the finer points of running a radio control board when I was in my teens–I was no more of a techno-geek in those days than I am now. All the equipment at that radio station was woefully outdated, by the way, and might as well have come to the New World on the Mayflower.

Karen, Libby, and me.

After a very early trip to Meridian to promote my new book on WTOK television, I drove to Philadelphia, Mississippi to sign at Dancing Rabbit Books and hopped from there to Books A Million in Meridian. In addition to seeing my brother, Stuart, and his son, Garrett at the store in Philadelphia, it was great to see proprietor Steve Stubbs, who’s also an author (and wrote a must-have history of the Neshoba County Fair). Dancing Rabbit is not only a bookstore; there’s fantastic artwork along with a multitude of Civil War books and artificats throughout the store. Dancing Rabbit is located on Beacon Street in downtown Philadelphia, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy a tour of the store and a few minutes with Steve.

Signing THE LONG ROAD HOME at Dancing Rabbit Books.