The Saints of St. Mary’s


X.M. Frascogna Jr., co-author of five previous books about football in the state of Mississippi, has teamed up with Jackson-based publisher and novelist Joe Lee to pen The Saints of St. Mary’s, the true story of Frascogna’s remarkable four-year run voluntarily coaching elementary school football at St. Mary’s Catholic School more than five decades ago. Lee, author of nine suspense novels, spent more than a year interviewing former St Mary’s players, assistant coaches, and opposing players.

“So many of those men, now in their mid-sixties, have crystal clear memories of those days and told me they wouldn’t trade them for anything,” Lee said. “These are guys who have excelled over the years in the fields of academia, medicine, business, the practice of law, and philanthropy. All talked of takeaways from being mentored by the man they called Coach that proved just as valuable in adulthood as they were on the practice field.

“The Saints of St. Mary’s isn’t just a football book, or a book about coaching football. The subtitle, ‘A true story of old school values and parenting lessons learned through youth sports,’ is crucial because the lessons are timeless. Parents, teachers, and coaches of all sports for both boys and girls will find it relevant.”